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martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Faro austral

Faro austral

Braceando sueños dispersos,
realidades ponen a flote
pretextos complejos.
Negado reflejos del mar.

Océanos, llantos inmesos,
tempestades encierro.
Recuerdo del mar.

Deseos… volver a empezar,
navego ante intentos,
oleajes viajeros.
Al pasar.

Humedad en la piel,
juego sus juegos
costas ocasionales.
Deseos para no olvidar.

Es que ella... se ahoga en mis soledades.
Yo, naufrago ante sus silencios causales.

Siempre recuerdos...
Lágrimas de sal.

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Anónimo dijo...

Your poetry is so awesome. You have the soul of an artist. I think that the words on your website grow from all your life experience. I think that my favorite was the part in Dreams Tidal where you spoke” Today, the breeze from your air exclaimed, I just found your lips, endless illusions out of time.” …“I sail into you impregnated endless, because these shores die.” These words paint such a powerful picture for we the artists. I sell my art online through the amazing Artfortune. I know a fellow Muse when I see your creativity. I felt that you talked about the full circle of life and love in a way that was heartbreaking and laced with silent tears. The sweep of love is like being washed over by a tidal wave. The breath of our lover fills our lungs, as we drown in the emotions. Our lover impregnates every pore of our being we drift in the fluid thought and being of another who has almost stolen our soul. Your photo is the perfect accompaniment to this poem. Thank you for writing about the feelings that leave us awash in the life of one who has stolen our heart. I also would like to add that your art is the perfect accessory to your beautiful introspective poetry.
Gwen -UK